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Presbyopia is a fancy word for the fuzzy close-up vision that occurs with practically everyone as th... more

Introducing the new Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric 90PK lens from Alcon. Designed for consistent, cl... more

While a stylish pair of eyeglasses may make a fashion statement, many who require vision correction ... more

Bausch & Lomb 2 Week (SofLens 59) contact lenses are two-week-wear disposable lenses that combine co... more

Blurry vision can be a huge pain, quite literally. When astigmatism is prevalent enough to make a no... more

Astigmatism is an eye condition that can cause vision to look blurry or distorted, and often leads t... more

Everything looks better in HD—especially your eyesight. With PureVision 2 HD you get to enjoy crys... more

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