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The perfect, at-home solution for salad lovers! Now you can grow a complete salad mix all in the sam... more

No need for a large garden to grow these sweet-and-crispy fruits! In fact, all you need is a short 2... more

Great news: delicious, nutrient-packed organic heirloom zucchini summer squash is easy to grow! Thes... more

Grow clusters of bright red, 1.5" gems that are perfect to pop in your mouth right in the garden or ... more

Organic heirloom Bloomsdale spinach quickly produces bunches of dark green, crinkle-leafed rosettes ... more

This variety of organic cucumber has a crisp flesh and firm skin which makes them ideal for pickling... more

This heirloom kale was originally brought to the West by Russian traders. These pretty wavy-leafed p... more

We choose our pumpkin seeds over any other Halloween treatany day of the year! Scooped from organic ... more

No kitchen is complete without Organic Heirloom Genovese Basil. The fresh, sweet aroma of basil is a... more

Flat leaf Italian parsley has a stronger, tangier, peppery flavor than its relative, curly parsley. ... more

Tasty, young leaves add a fresh, slightly spicy flavor to salads and some pasta sauces. Fortunately ... more

A tasty blend of yellow, white, red, and purple carrots. Each of these carrots has been chosen for i... more

A sprinkle of sunflower seeds is an easy way to introduce nutty flavor and a ton of nutritional valu... more

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