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Dynamic instrument microphone features: superior low frequency reproduction; low frequency humbuckin... more

Microphone for Vocals and Instruments "Dual Personality" design has separate settings for kick drum ... more

Cardioid instrument microphone features: side-address capsule configuration; low frequency humbuckin... more

Cardioid instrument microphone drums features: integrated drum mount; handles up to 160 db,recording... more

Lead and backing vocals features: on/off switch,live sound: backing vocals, guitar amps, wind instru... more

Studio Microphone features: low frequency humbucking design; switchable high-pass filter (100 Hz); i... more

USB Microphone features: Mac and PC compatible; headphone output for recording monitoring; Cakewalk ... more

Rugged professional microphone features: 5-position bass roll-off filter,recording studio: general v... more

Drums,wind instr, gtr amps features: drum mounting clip; low-frequency humbucking design,live sound:... more

LG Diaphragm studio mic features: switchable bass cut filter (80 Hz); switchable pad (-20 dB),record... more

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