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integrated amp w.phono input 30 watts x 2,24-bit/96kHz DAC with optical and coaxial digital inputs,B... more

integrated amp 25 watts x 2,built-in DAC with USB, optical, and coaxial digital inputs for connectin... more

integrated amp w.USB DAC, piano black 150 watts x 2,built-in ESS Sabre digital-to-analog converter w... more

Speaker A/B switching - ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) - Pure Direct mode - ... more

Yamaha A-S501 2...

Price: $549.95 to $549.99

Solid, Powerful Suitable for headphones ranging from 16 to 150 Ohms, the A3 is potent enough to driv... more

AUDIOSOURCE 12-Channel, 6-Zone Distribution Amplifier: 50W per channel @ 8 ohms and 4 ohms - 100W m... more

AudioSource 12-...

Price: $799.99 to $999.99

Multizone capability - class D amplification - bridgeable - selectable global bus input - auto o... more

Russound D850 8...

Price: $602.33 to $699.99

A Classic Reborn, Improved Performance DAC chip changed from WM8740 to PCM5102 effectively improving... more

2 bridgeable channels - independent level controls - independent power supply - rack-mountable de... more

Niles 2-Channel...

Price: $404.54 to $519.99

integrated amplifier 80 watts x2,4-ohm stable for use with a wide range of speakers,4 digital audio ... more

integrated amplifier 45 watts x 2,optical and coaxial digital audio inputs, 5 RCA audio inputs (incl... more

Integrated amp with digital inputs 30 watts x 2,plays high-resolution PCM and DSD digital music file... more

integrated amplifier 150 watts x 2,4-ohm stable for use with a wide range of speakers,4 digital audi... more

integrated amp 30 watts x 2,high-current power transformer and twin custom capacitors provide ready ... more

Integrated Amp w/Class XD dual mono out 120 watts x 2,Class XD dual mono block amps combine the grea... more

integrated amplifier with digital inputs 100 watts x 2,balanced stereo XLR input and 5 RCA audio inp... more

integrated amplifier 200 watts x 2,balanced stereo XLR input, 4 stereo RCA inputs, and separate MM a... more

integrated amp w.USB DAC, gloss ebony 300 watts x 2,built-in ESS Sabre digital-to-analog converter w... more

integrated amp 50 watts x 2,7 RCA audio inputs,4-ohm stable for use with a wide range of speakers... more

integrated amp w. Googlecast 50 watts x 2,4 digital audio inputs and 3 analog audio inputs, includin... more

headphone amp with built-in DAC twin Wolfson 24-bit digital-to-analog converters plus Adapted Time F... more

Play-Fi Pre-Amplifier Klipsch Stream (DTS Play-Fi) lets you wirelessly play music and create a multi... more

50 watts per channel,150 watts (mono) in bridged mode,main and secondary ("Interrupt") audio line in... more

streaming amplifier built-in stereo amplifier: 55 watts x 2,stream high-resolution music, Internet r... more

headphone amp/DAC 32-bit ESS Sabre(tm) 9010 digital-to-analog conversion chip with minimum phase fil... more

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