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Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Series Bass Strings offer extended durability and high output. A highly flexib... more

6 pairs of unison strings for a 12-String Bajo Sexto:1st Pair: No. BSX-1, 2 pieces LW24 (Tuned F)2nd... more

These Thomastik Spirocore strings have a hi-tech core that makes for effortless fingering, responsiv... more

DR flat wound Hi-Beam stainless steel bass strings are built on a round core, unique in the industry... more

Multiwire chromesteel core that is stretched before being covered with a chromesteel, silver, or tun... more

Gauges 27-47-67-87-107-127.Oh yeah bass players! Dean Markley SR2000 bass strings are hot! Taper-wra... more

Wondertone full string set for violin. Core made from a modified synthetic fiber, characterized by a... more

Jazz Bass Strings from Thomastik-Infeld offer you extended durability and high output. A highly flex... more

Sensicore by Super-Sensitive. These are the C, F and Bb strings for a 6 string violin. SPECIAL ORDER... more

Super-Sensitive's synthetic core string. Stable with warmth and projection. Available 4/4 size only.... more

Thomastik Vision Viola Strings are multi-filament synthetic core strings that produce rich, complex ... more

Ernie Ball 2722 Cobalt Hybrid Slinky Electric Strings are a perfect match for those who like the abi... more

Ernie Ball 2834 Super Slinky Bass Strings are round-wound for maximum clarity and serious punch. Eac... more

Obligato full string set for double bass. 3/4 size. Core is made from new synthetic fiber. The solo ... more

Gauges: 10-14-23-30-39-47.Elixir strings with original Polyweb coating:Have a balanced and smooth re... more

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