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Step lively to include this flashy flower in your next landscape design! Flamboyantly fringed with a... more

Carnations have long been the classic go-to of florists looking for a flower to round out mixed arra... more

Get ready to accept plenty of compliments when you include Poppy Anemone Hollandia in your next land... more

It is so rare to see a non-vining clematis with these wavy edges, and East River really gives its su... more

This Belle shows up early in the peony season with a romantic look. Its indulgent, rich-hued flowers... more

Imagine the rich hues of the Flamenco Dancer Clematis swaying throughout your garden. This beautiful... more

Enjoy clusters of the most interesting bell-shaped blooms with Michael's Flower. In looks and sweet ... more

Think of everything you could wish for in a shrub—then add candy-colored double flowers. That's th... more

There are many reasons to love the Glowing Embers Hydrangea. It's fast growing and requires little c... more

Ikebana is the classical Japanese art of arranging flowers, emphasizing a balance of colors, lines, ... more

Native to Northeastern Turkey, fritillary, or Michael's Flower, is a woodland lily with a bell-like ... more

Coral-colored flowers with hints of rose. Flowers 8" across.Our double varieties are free-blooming w... more

Giant double peonies are hardy, fragrant, long-lived, and rarely need dividing. As a bonus, they're ... more

This fantastic perennial has outstanding purple-black foliage and graceful, creamy white flowers tin... more

Introducing an interesting newcomer to the late-season lineup! Our Naked Ladies flower mix features ... more

Striking daisy-like flowers of golden yellow with dark button eyes.... more

Yellow flowers with hints of white near the red edges.We have selected these hybrid varieties for th... more

Heavily ruffled white flowers with purple throats.We have selected these hybrid varieties for their ... more

Deep blue-purple flowers; black buds.We have selected these hybrid varieties for their bright colors... more

Daylilies may just be the most versatile flowers on the market today. With a hardy habit and excelle... more

Unique flower form, color and size make this a highly sought-after peony. A tuft of white petals ari... more

Delightfully fragrant, gardenia-like, double white petals, touched with light yellow at the center. ... more

Purplish-red.Astilbe are admired for their attractive foliage and sensational fluffy flower spikes. ... more

With this eye-catching rebloomer in the garden, enjoying summer is no struggle at all. Cosmic Strugg... more

Very floriferous, two-tone variety produces showy, 4" ball-shaped flowers with brick-red petals and ... more

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