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My Super Cookies get their superpowers from organic ingredients like acerola, baobab, and chia. Acer... more

Smooth, rich, 70% dark chocolate. | Divine Chocolate 70% Dark Bar 3.5 Oz.... more

Madecasse was founded in 2008 by two Peace Corps volunteers stationed in Madagascar that wanted to h... more

Add texture and flavor to baked goods with these Ghirardelli 10 lb. 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate ... more

Add texture and flavor to baked goods with these Ghirardelli 25 lb. 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate ... more

These semi-sweet mini chocolate chips are the perfect addition to any baked treat. When mixed in you... more

Just one chunk of Enjoy Life boomCHOCOboom Dark Chocolate Bar is enough to satisfy any temptation bu... more

As if chocolate granola couldnt get any better, Purely Elizabeth gave its version a gut-friendly boo... more

Think of your favorite peanut butter cup. Next, magnify that feeling by a gazillion thats ours. Nuts... more

Have instant chocolate milk, hot cocoa, or chocolate-flavored tea and smoothies with Sweetleafs conv... more

Go Raw Organic Raw Chocolate Coconut Crisps are purely delicious and made from just a short list of ... more

The finest cocoa, smooth cocoa butter and real vanilla gives this single-serving bar its distinctive... more

This dark chocolate bar is made with the finest cocoa, crunchy almonds, and just a hint of sea salt.... more

Our Chocolate Honey Patties have a dark chocolate shell made from 100% cocoa that is filled with 100... more

With its rich and creamy almond butter flavormade from custom dry-roasted nutsand a subtle pop from ... more

Pascha Organic FT 100% Cacao Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Chips are full of flavor but free of sugar a... more

Rich hazelnut butter fills this decadent dark chocolate bar that only tastes sinful. Hu Kitchens tre... more

Why save peppermint bark for once a year? Free2Be is an everyday treat that curbs sweet cravings and... more

Our organic 85% dark chocolate is a must-have for your chocolate stash! Made with ethically sourced,... more

For those who like to take it to the extremes, our organic 95% dark chocolate is as intense as it co... more

Go ahead and judge these bars by their sizewhat youll find is a snack worthy of your attention. Kind... more

Pascha chocolatiers pride themselves on making a pure treat that goes from bean to bar. This Organic... more

This bar contains at least 70% cacao. Se-ven-ty! This means we use a lot of cocoa beans.. This dark ... more

Enjoy a better chocolate bar with Pascha. Each Organic FT bar features 85% cacao mixed with a hint o... more

From the creator of the world's tastiest Avocado Oil Mayo comes Primal Kitchen's new, exclusive dark... more

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