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Just one chunk of Enjoy Life boomCHOCOboom Dark Chocolate Bar is enough to satisfy any temptation bu... more

Smooth, rich, 70% dark chocolate. | Divine Chocolate 70% Dark Bar 3.5 Oz.... more

My Super Cookies get their superpowers from organic ingredients like acerola, baobab, and chia. Acer... more

3 candy chocolate caramel apples. Granny Smith apples in caramel and Belgian chocolate. Yogurt chip,... more

There's no doubt that chocolate is a favorite dessert flavor, and these Ghirardelli 25 lb. stanford ... more

Add texture and flavor to baked goods with these Ghirardelli 5 lb. milk chocolate .5M baking chips! ... more

There's no doubt that chocolate is a favorite dessert flavor, and these Ghirardelli 5 lb. queen dark... more

Add these succulent, chocolaty dipped and decorated strawberries to your gift and watch the smiles m... more

Madecasse was founded in 2008 by two Peace Corps volunteers stationed in Madagascar that wanted to h... more

When you need an escape, break off a chunk of Pure Coconut Chocolate Bar and get caught up in the mo... more

This delightful combination brings out the best of both flavors. Made with the finest 70% dark choco... more

Exquisitely rich and exceptionally bold 85% dark chocolate.... more

Texture and flavor combine in one tempting treat in Enjoy Life boomCHOCOboom Ricemilk Crunch Chocola... more

Smooth, rich, 70% dark chocolate with the the fruity tartness of real raspberries.... more

Chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and scones taste better with Pascha Organic FT 85% Bittersweet Dark... more

This winner of the Paris Salon du Chocolat award is a smooth, dark chocolate bar made from 63 percen... more

As if chocolate granola couldnt get any better, Purely Elizabeth gave its version a gut-friendly boo... more

This dark chocolate bar has got it all: almonds and sea salt. A golden match! Pass the salt please..... more

This bar contains at least 70% cacao. Se-ven-ty! This means we use a lot of cocoa beans.. This dark ... more

Stone ground, organic Mexican-style dark chocolate discs with fresh roasted almonds and sea salt gro... more

This intense, perfectly unrefined 70% dark chocolate, crafted from organic Dominican cacao, starts w... more

Theres no need to wait until the holidays to enjoy chocolate peppermint treats. Taza Organic Dark Ba... more

Taza has a chocolate confessionits Organic Sea Salt & Almond Dark Bark has some health benefits. Thi... more

You wont have to take candy from the babies when you give your little ones Enjoy Life boomCHOCOboom ... more

Pascha chocolatiers pride themselves on making a pure treat that goes from bean to bar. This Organic... more

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