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My Super Cookies get their superpowers from organic ingredients like acerola, baobab, and chia. Acer... more

Its ok to go loco for these wholesome, free-from snack bars made from cocoa powder and semi-sweet ch... more

Have instant chocolate milk, hot cocoa, or chocolate-flavored tea and smoothies with Sweetleafs conv... more

Spread sweet joy when you add on a box of Harry London's irresistible gourmet chocolates to your spe... more

Add texture and flavor to baked goods with these Ghirardelli 5 lb. semi-sweet chocolate 1M baking ch... more

These semi-sweet mini chocolate chips are the perfect addition to any baked treat. When mixed in you... more

If your sweet tooth has a dark side, treat it to Pamelas Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Each irresist... more

Chocolate and coconut are a classic duo, but Theo Chocolate has taken their pairing to a whole new l... more

Bits of buttery toffee lend a subtle sweetness to this bitter-sweet dark chocolate bar. Break off a ... more

Tap into your dark side with a snack thats bold and daring. Biena starts with non-GMO chickpeas and ... more

When you crave a treat thats salty and sweet, Hu Kitchens Salty Chocolate Bar gives your tastebuds t... more

Milk, dark, or extra dark? No matter the flavor of chocolate bar you prefer, the fact is, most come ... more

Romeo and Juliet. Mickey and Minnie. Dark chocolate and sea salt. They're all pairs that belong toge... more

Generally the rule is: the darker the chocolate, the more delectable. But even the most pure cacao c... more

These chocolate chips are not only allergen-free, but a healthy alternative to many of the sugar-lad... more

Lilys Sweets Dark Chocolate Baking Chips are made with fair trade certified dark chocolate and sweet... more

Lilys premium, stevia-sweetened Extra Dark chocolate bars are made from the finest ingredients, incl... more

When you really want to indulge, choose Unreals decadent Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups. Rich, ch... more

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen is a delicious sweet treat with a w... more

The Seeds + Salt are a textured, dark chocolate treat baked with roasty-toasty crisp pumpkin and sun... more

Sweet, savory, and crunchywhat can be better? These roasted almonds are dipped in dark chocolate bef... more

Taza has a chocolate confessionits Organic Sea Salt & Almond Dark Bark has some health benefits. Thi... more

This lovely bar starts with a base of Endorfin Foods' signature dark chocolate with coconut mylk smo... more

Chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and scones taste better with Pascha Organic FT 85% Bittersweet Dark... more

Those with food allergies can relax thanks to Enjoy Life Chocolate Mega Chunks. These tasty morsels ... more

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